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Veterinarian Dana Point CA

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November 3, 2017
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Veterinarian Dana Point CA

veterinarian dana point

How to Choose The Right Veterinarian

Alicia Pacific Veterinary Center Provides Professional, Compassionate Care for Dana Point Pet Owners


Dana Point, CA pet owners want veterinary services that will provide comprehensive and proactive care. Knowing how to select a veterinarian for your pet care requires doing a bit of careful scrutiny and asking the right questions of your potential care providers.

Here are a few tips on how to choose the right Dana Point, CA veterinarian.

  • Use Your Network. Check with friends, co-workers and family members for recommendations. If people you trust use a veterinarian, it’s a preliminary seal of approval.
  • Evaluate the Staff. You should visit any potential veterinarian. Observing the staff, not just the vets, can give you a good sense as to the pet care your furry ones will receive. You want an entire care team that is kind, sensitive and attentive.
  • Check the Hours. Pets don’t get sick on a schedule. That’s why you need some flexibility with hours for when your pet needs to be seen. Early and late hours help pet owners care for sick pets while keeping other obligations.
  • Research Services. Many veterinarians are limited in what they offer their patients. It is much easier and faster to diagnose and treat your pet if there are a full range of veterinary services available at one location. Learn about overnight accommodations and how patients are monitored. What specialties are represented among the veterinary staff and which are outsourced to other pet specialists?
  • Take a Tour. Ask for a tour of the full facility, not just the waiting area. Is it clean? Do animals appear to be safe and comfortable? Look for an office that is well organized, with modern equipment and good communication among staff members.
  • Share Your Philosophy. While it may seem morbid, it’s important to understand how you and your vet approach difficult decisions. You need to be on the same page when it comes to euthanasia, pain management, cancer care and chronic disease management. Even issues like spaying, neutering, and vaccines should be discussed in advance.
  • Payment Flexibility. Some veterinary services and treatments are unexpected and can create a financial hardship. Ask your potential vet if there are any payment options or flexibility. You do not want to worry about dollars when your pet is ill.
  • Ask About Credentials. You should know how many veterinarians and vet techs are on staff. Ask about their educational background, their accreditations, and any specialized training they have received. Be sure to check online sites for candid reviews, too.
  • Trust Your Instinct. Ask for a getting-to-know-you session with a potential vet. Do you feel comfortable with the vet? Does he or she explain things in a clear manner and take the time to speak with you about your pet and its short- and long-term care needs and medical history? If you feel good about the person in this encounter, it’s likely a good match.

At Alicia Pacific Veterinary Center, we provide a full complement of veterinary services, including emergency care, dentistry, radiology, dermatology and some surgical care. We also offer an in-house lab, boarding, grooming and in-house pharmacy.

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