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3 Myths About Pet Boarding In Laguna Beach

We know that, as a pet owner, you only want the best for your furry companions. When it comes time to be apart from them for travel, work or life events, you want to make sure that you’re making the best decision about where to place them.With the booming pet care industry in the past decade or so, there have been some wonderful — and not so wonderful — resources popping up. It’s easy to be convinced after a bad experience that all animal boarding is traumatic or unhealthy for your pets. We’re here to bust a few of those myths about pet boarding in Laguna Beach, CA.


1.They’re Bound to Get Sick

A good facility has regulations and protocols in place that do a great job of preventing the spread of illness. If you’re especially concerned about your pet’s health, consider boarding them at a veterinary clinic. Their staff will be the very best at identifying concerning symptoms of a communicable disease and can isolate animals when necessary. They’ll also not only require all the standard vaccines, they have the ability to administer them to yours and other pets before entering.

2.They’ll Be Stuck in A Box

There’s a happy medium to be had when searching out a pet boarding facility in Laguna Beach. On the one hand you have places that stick your pet in a kennel all day long. And on the other, you have free-range style boarding. The problems with the first is fairly obvious, as most pets would certainly appreciate a bit of exercise every day. The second option has its own problems, as territorial or nervous animals may not feel comfortable finding a place to relax or sleep in a free-range boarding situation. They can become aggressive and anxious if they don’t get their alone time. The best of both worlds is a boarder with kennels that also takes your pet out for their play time and walks.

3.Special Needs Pets Can’t Be Boarded

This is an especially common belief among special needs pet owners. Whether you have a geriatric cat or dog who’s lost the use of his hind legs, you can still find great pet boarding options in Laguna Beach. If your pet needs regular medication or medical monitoring, it might be smart to consider a boarding facility located within a veterinary clinic so that you’ll have all your bases covered.

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