Holistic Vet Care in Laguna Niguel, CA

Holistic medicine is a kinder way of addressing health and well-being through a variety of treatments that help to reduce stress, and pain, and improve quality of life. The holistic approach offers a gentle and less invasive option that stems from a place of love and respect.

Holistic Medicine Pairs with Modern Medicine

Holistic veterinary care can be a stand-alone therapy, or it can be paired with traditional and modern medicines to improve the pet’s response to care.

Holistic treatments are an approach to caring for the entire patient – it addresses the:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual

Even in pets, these aspects are important to the health of the patient. For pets, that is a basis for love, respect, and kindness.

Holistic Vet Care in Laguna Niguel, CA

Holistic Medicine and Pet Care

By looking at the entire health picture of each pet, our holistic veterinarian put their years of experience to work with dr-guided therapies to form a care plan that is specific to each pet we treat.

Holistic health looks at and addresses underlying conditions, such as stress and addresses those conditions as part of the treatment for symptoms. When underlying conditions are gone, the body is better able to heal and symptoms decrease. In the case of disease, holistic health helps to reduce symptoms and improve the way other forms of treatment work. An example would be treating cancer. While we may use modern medicines, such as chemotherapy, we could also pair that treatment with holistic options that help to reduce stress, pain, nausea, and fear while increasing blood flow so that the body can relax and heal.

Do Holistic Treatments Work with Conventional Medicine?

Holistic treatments offer a wide range of options and most pair perfectly with modern medicine. As one of the animal hospitals that serve Laguna Niguel, CA, we approach veterinary medicine with pet health and pet owners in mind.

A Balanced Approach to Pet Health

Treatments include physical, nutritional, and herbal options. Because we look at the entire picture of pet health for each dog or cat that we treat, we can address sub-issues that negatively impact pet health. Changing the type of dog food, for example, might improve many symptoms, such as indigestion, weak immune systems, or skin irritation. Any of those issues may cause stress or pain, or even malnutrition. Stress and pain can lead to other diseases. By reducing stress or removing pain, we are reducing the environment in which other diseases form. Holistic medicine helps to treat and prevent illness and disease.

Herbal Medicine as an Option

Herbal medicine is an ancient tool that people use to treat a wide variety of illnesses and diseases. Some medicines cannot be duplicated in a lab, which means that their healing abilities must come from the natural world.

Herbal medicines are making a comeback for human health and also for pet health. They offer gentle, yet powerful options for treating many common and uncommon conditions. Our skilled holistic veterinarians look at all treatment options and then work with you to make the best treatment plan for your beloved pet. Like, humans, pets are unique and herbal medicine can help provide a treatment that is more substantial than simply reaching for the common modern medication.

Laguna Niguel, CA Holistic Vet Care

Types of Holistic Treatments

Our holistic treatments include:

  • Nutritional suplements
  • Vitamin supplements
  • Exercise
  • And others

The benefit of holistic treatment is that they are minimally invasive, so your pet can focus on healing rather than healing and recovery. A holistic approach to disease can mean that your pet does not have to undergo surgery, though surgery may be an option.

At Alicia Pacific Veterinary Center we focus on your pet’s entire medical picture. It makes better sense to us to offer a change of diet rather than to prescribe ongoing medication. It makes better sense to us to address the underlying causes of stress and pain rather than just prescribe pain medication. By looking at and solving underlying problems we can offer your pet a gentler and loving option for healing. If you need a veterinarian in Laguna Niguel who offers a comprehensive approach to caring for your pet, then give us a call.