Pet Anal Gland Treatment in Laguna Niguel, CA

Ever wonder why your dog is scooting their butt across the floor? They might have inflamed anal glands. Checking your dog’s anal glands during routine daily care is important to ensure its health. This may be an unpleasant tasks for a pet owner, so we recommend consulting us for anal gland expression, flushing, packing.

Our Veterinarian in Laguna Niguel Performs Dog Anal Gland Expressions

A veterinarian is trained to professionally ensure your pet’s anal glands are expressed. At Alicia Pacific, if the first expression does not work we offer a second more advanced expression at a discount.

The anal sac is located on the lower half, just inside your pet’s anus. They are lined with cells regularly secrete very irritating secretions. If you look closely, you may see small pipes with odorous liquid seeping out. When your pet is routinely washed, and your pet’s anal glands are well maintained, there is no obvious smell to humans.

We Help Relieve Dog Anal Sac Issues

To express glands, we wear disposable latex gloves. Hold the tissue, place the thumb and index finger on the anus, and then squeeze it carefully. The anal pouch material should emanate from the catheter without too much pressure. Please, consult our veterinarian at Laguna Niguel when you see some problem with your pet. It is best to ask someone to keep your pet still while doing this.

Monitor Dietary Changes

If you find persistent blocking of the anal glands in your cat or dog, we recommend a high-fiber diet. When your pet is wiped out, adding fiber will help express the anal sac.

Chance of Infection

If an infection occurs when the anal glands are infected, the sac expands and ruptures through the skin beside the anus. It is painful to your pet and requires proper veterinary treatment, and most likely requires artificial expression of the glands until the abscess disappears.

Re-Emergence of Affected Glands

When a pet’s anal gland tissue accumulates, the result may be an abscess, and it may be a persistent drain. If this happens, our veterinarian will be there to return and remove the tissue to get the required result.

Consult Alicia Pacific Veterinary Center for Anal Gland Flushing

If you live in Laguna Niguel and need anal gland expression, flushing, packing services for your pet look no more, we have a dedicated veterinarian who will serve you well. We have a track of record producing quality services to all our clients. Call us today and get free quotes for all our services.