3D imaging is an important tool we use to help with diagnosis and effective treatment of a number of life-threatening conditions in pets. Our goal was to make this state of the art diagnostic tool widely available to pet owners without having to go to a university or specialty hospital. We believe in providing the most advanced care options to our animal-loving community.
From locating tumors to determining appropriate treatment approaches, these scans help us treat cancers as safely as possible. 3D scans can also tell us whether or not your pet’s cancer has spread and what the health outlooks may be with different treatment paths. Other common uses include helping our veterinarians identify dental issues, such as abscesses and tooth decay that could be causing your animal unnecessary pain if left untreated. For older pets, joint and bone conditions can also be determined with 3D scans so that we can help your pet age as comfortably as possible. And in case the unthinkable happens and your beloved animal is involved in an accident, we can use these full-body scans to determine what’s wrong and where.

No cat or dog is too big (or small) for our 3D scanners. Our equipment will take whole-body high-resolution images of animals from 2 ounces to 200 pounds, from any and every angle. It can be frustrating to feel like you’re missing out on your pet’s bigger-picture health concerns with outdated versions of these scans that only capture incomplete images.
The scan itself only takes a few minutes, making this an easy and fast option for clients and ailing pets alike. Most animals will also require sedation to achieve crisp and clear images to properly diagnose problems, and the shorter the amount of time spent under anesthesia the better for your pet’s health. Once the quick process is complete, the images can be compiled and the veterinarian ready to discuss any findings with you much faster than the multi-day process of the past.

We’re proud to offer this advanced diagnostic tool for you and your pet.

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Alicia Pacific Veterinary Center provides professional animal 3D Imaging in Laguna Niguel, Dana Point, Laguna Beach and Aliso Viejo.