Laser Therapy

Did you know that “laser” is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulation Emission of Radiation? At Alicia Pacific Veterinary Center, we use the revolutionary class IV K-Laser to apply photostimulation to animals’ injuries and lesions. The laser generates electromagnetic radiation with near-infrared and red spectrum which stimulates healing and provides significant pain relief.

K-Laser Therapy is a therapeutic treatment that has been approved by the FDA for numerous applications. As a class IV device, it is the most powerful therapeutic laser currently available. It provides a non-surgical solution to reducing pain and inflammation and aiding the body’s natural healing process. The K-Laser has adjustable power and various modes to meet your pet’s specific needs.

The K-Laser is used to treat a wide range of injuries. Some of the most common include acute disc injuries, chronic osteoarthritis pain, damaged ligaments and non-responsive local infections, including chronic anal gland and ear infections. Laser therapy is also effective in treating surgical incisions and helps pets recover faster following both minor and major operations. Approximately 80 perfect of animal patients show signs of significant improvement after just two to four treatments. Some improve after just one session.

Cold laser therapy is not painful. For most pets, it is relaxing. There is typically little to no sensation during treatment. Some pets may experience a mild, soothing tingling or warmth or slight sensitivity in areas that are tender or inflamed. Your pet may show signs of increased salivation and decreased pulse and respiration rates. These are both indicators of relaxation.

The device’s laser wand is slowly passed over the area being treated but never comes in contact with your pet’s body. Each session lasts approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Initial treatment is performed while the pet owner is present.

The number of treatments needed varies depending on your pet and the nature and severity of his or her injury. Typically, chronic problems require one or two visits per week for two weeks. Once these initial treatments have been completed, your pet will be further evaluated and may need to return for one follow-up treatment per month.

Laser therapy is intended to provide a non-surgical means of improving an animal’s overall quality of life. Specific goals include:

  •         Providing relief from chronic or acute pain and inflammation
  •         Resorting function and/or range of motion

·         Reducing or eliminating the need for medications

In many instances, pets experience decreased pain and inflammation after their first treatment. Sometimes, however, improvement is only felt after a number of treatments. The results of cold laser therapy are cumulative, and full results usually become apparent after three or four sessions.

Absolutely. Cold laser therapy is often used in conjunction with other treatments, including chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, soft tissue mobilization, massage and electrotherapy. These treatments often complement each other and increase the effectiveness of the overall treatment plan.

The K-Laser has been used by healthcare providers spanning the globe for more than 20 years, and very few side effects have been reported. In rare cases, old injuries or pain syndromes may flare up for a few days. This occurs because the body’s natural healing response becomes more active following treatment and generally is not a cause for concern.

The average cost of cold laser therapy ranges between $65.00 and $75.00 per session. The price varies depending on how many sites are being treated and how large those sites are. We offer bundles of sessions to help pet owners save money on the laser treatments their pets need.

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