Vaccinations are the foundation of a thriving pet. Staying up-to-date on vaccinations is the simplest and most affordable way to help your pet stay healthy. While some vaccinations are required by law, such as the rabies vaccine, others are just as important. Combination vaccines, such as DA2PP for dogs and FVRCP for cats, are highly recommended for all pets. Additional vaccinations, including Bordetella for dogs, may be recommended based on your pet’s unique lifestyle and environmental risk factors.

Vaccinations should begin as a series when your pet is 6-8 weeks old and should be kept current throughout the rest of his or her life. Doing so protects your companion from potentially deadly diseases like parvovirus, distemper, panleukopenia, calicivirus, leukemia and more. At Alicia Pacific Veterinary Center, we offer the animal vaccinations you need to keep your pet happy and healthy. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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