Protect your pets from summertime fleas

Protect your pets from summertime fleas

With the dog days of summer come the dog and cat days of fleas. In sunny California fleas are prevalent all year round but more so in the summer months. When the weather warms up, the parasites ramp up! Fleas can be a nuisance to pets and their owners. Not only do fleas cause itching on your pets but this itching can lead to nasty skin conditions which result in painful open sores. Fleas can also transmit diseases such as tapeworms to our family pets. When pets have a tapeworm infestation they can pass this condition onto their owners who are diligently cleaning up their fecal material from the litter box or the yard.

When a pet develops a flea infestation it takes 3 months to rid the pet and the household of these nasty parasites. Fleas will lay thousands of eggs a day and with heat and movement those eggs will hatch. Thus when an owner is trying to kill off the adult population of fleas they have a baby population quickly following making this process quite challenging. Through years and years of frustration, the veterinary industry has found excellent products that help prevent and kill fleas making the days of flea powders, flea sprays, flea collars and flea bombs a thing of the past. These flea preventative products are easy to give, and cost effective compared to the older methods of the past.

The new flea preventatives on the market are administered once a month which allows for less focus on parasites and more focus on enjoying your pet. They are easy to administer; either as topical or oral medications and many even have the ability to prevent other parasites such as ticks, heartworm disease, and mange. The products are also quite cost effective being less expensive than a month of Starbucks coffee. The older flea treatment methods cost hundreds of dollars and take three months of work and dollars not to mention the trips to the vet to have your pet treated for the skin infections or tapeworms following a flea infestation.

At Alicia Pacific Veterinary Center we carry two types of the newer flea preventives. One is oral and one is topical. This allows a pet owner to elect which method of administration of the product works better for their family. We also have a website where you can purchase other flea preventatives again in oral or topical form that meet the needs of your family or budget. Our goal for pet owners to have a closer bond with their pet. Less parasites means less stress, and more fun times with your pet.

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