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Pet Parents

Tips And Tricks On Caring For Your Pet!

By February 7, 2023No Comments

You want to keep your pet healthy, happy, and vigorous throughout their life, and so do we at Alicia Pacific Veterinary Center. Keeping your cat or dog in tip-top condition requires regular and effective pet care both at home and at the doctor’s office. To help you along, here’s a selection of our favorite pet care tips for pet owners in Laguna Niguel, CA.

Pet Care Tips For Cats And Dogs

  • Regular wellness exams – Trips to the vet’s office shouldn’t be reserved for just when your pet is hurt or feeling sick. Having a regular physical checkup, at least once a year, combined with diagnostic testing in our lab is the best way to discover disease and disorders and prescribe early treatment before they develop into serious health problems.
  • Dental care – Many pet owners fail to consider the oral health of their cats and dogs, but it’s an essential part of their overall health. Regular dental exams and teeth cleanings, along with steps to promote good oral hygiene at home, are an important part of good pet care.
  • Pet vaccinations – Just like humans, pets are susceptible to many types of diseases that can easily be prevented by vaccinations. Your vet will prescribe the proper vaccines for your pet based on their medical history, age, and lifestyle.
  • Spay and neuter – Your pet will enjoy many physical and emotional benefits from being spayed or neutered, and they’ll behave better too. It’s also the best way to fight back against the overwhelming pet overpopulation problem in America, causing millions of cats and dogs to be euthanized each year. That’s why spay and neuter is one of our top pet care tips.
  • Parasite prevention and control – Parasites such as fleas, ticks, and mites, as well as internal parasites like tapeworms and heartworms, can cause skin irritation and scratching, hair loss, infections, and internal problems and make your pet miserable and sick. Most parasites found in pets can actually be contagious to humans! Fortunately, they are very easy to prevent and control with year-round medication.
  • Microchipping – If you’ve ever worried about your pet running away from home and getting lost, put your mind at ease with a microchip. These tiny electronic devices can be painlessly placed underneath your pet’s skin to carry data on their owner’s address and contact information that can be easily scanned by a vet or shelter when someone finds them.

For more information on good pet care or for more of our pet care tips, and to schedule an appointment contact the Alicia Pacific Veterinary Center in Laguna Niguel, CA.